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Issue 11: Winter 2017




The Winter 2017 issue of Mangrove Journal is an online-only edition. Print books of select Spring issues are available on the University of Miami Coral Gables campus for a suggested donation of $5-$10 to the Creative Writing Program. Please contact for more information.


Alternate Endings No.’s 12, 42, & 101


She tossed a chunk of pecan pie
into the fire pit, guzzled the last
bit of whiskey from the bottle.

“There’s going to be a giant tea party.
And everyone that has ever breathed
will air themselves out in someone’s garden.
After that, who the hell knows – bingo?”


“It is quite a bit to compute,” he typed.
“It is a humongous series of zeroes and ones.
Yet, it is easy to understand:

Our sun will die in a star junkyard.
It will take with it all that we have.
Our toasters, our memories – will be beaten to death.”


“But, how come the world didn’t crack
when everyone else died?”
 the girl spray-painted
on the side of the dented school bus.

Abandoned cars, crushed trashcans, and rats
littered the streets around her. The sky spat
rivets of white, red, black, and pale –
the mares ran roughshod on the night.

Jeffrey Paul Jurgens

Jeffrey Paul Jurgens is a student at the University of Florida. He is a 13 
year U.S. Navy veteran. Jeffrey grew up in Iowa and has lived in Los 
Angeles, New York, and Japan. He now resides in Gainesville, Fl.